GGIM’s High Altitude Awareness Workshop

High Altitude Workshop by GGIM:


On 26th Feb 2017, GGIM conducted a High Altitude Workshop for trekkers and budding mountaineers who are aspiring for high altitude challenges of Himalaya, Seven Summits etc. The workshop was divided in three parts.

Senior surgeon and mountaineer Dr. Raghunath Godbole discussed the physiological challenges and medical precautions to be taken at high altitude. Giripremi’s Ganesh More, who climbed Mt. Everest in 2013, discussed the scientific and methodical ways of training for such treks. In the last session, Bhushan Harshe, who also summitted Mt. Everest in 2013 along with Ganesh More, talked about the preparations of essential items for trekking.

The workshop was attended by more than 120 participants. They learnt topics like understanding the phenomena of acclimatization, medicines and treatment to be taken for situations like AMS, HACE, HAPE etc. Ganesh briefed about various training plans from beginner level to advance levels and how one can benefit from them when practiced under proper guidance.

Most of the beginner trekkers are confused or misguided about the proper equipment/clothing/ accessories for treks and expedition. Bhushan’s detailed presentation guided the participants from buying shoes, rucksack and clothing to scientific ways to pack them well inside the rucksack.

To conclude, the quick and compact workshop surely created certain level of awareness among these enthusiastic trekkers who wish to climb higher heights in coming summers!


Seven Summits Expeditions to Mt. Elbrus & Mt. Kilimanjaro

We are launching Three Seven Summits Expeditions This year namely;

Mt. Elbrus (5642 m) Highest mountain in the Europe

Mt. Kilimanjaro (5985 m) Highest mountain of Africa & the Highest free standing volcanic mountain

Mt. Aconcagua (6962 m) Highest mountain in South America. Second Highest mountain in Seven Summit Series.

All these expeditions are guided by GGIM`s well trained mountaineers.


Elbrus-Kili- poster-4

GGIM’s First Advance Rock Climbing Course

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Advance Rock Climbing Course at Fort Jivdhan, Naneghat:

Fort Jivdhan. Naneghat. Wanarlingi. Nanacha Angtha.  These enchanting names themselves are enough to set the adrenaline gushing with utter madness of climbing. And with these iconic Sahyadri rock edifices around & 15 mind-blowing budding climbers, brimming with energy and hunger for learning advance rock craft; GGIM’s first ever Advance Rock Climbing Course turned out to be a monumental success.

9th Feb 2017.

The group had a varied age bar from Kshitij, just a 13 year old kid to Rajesh, a businessman from Mumbai in his 60s. But all had singular aspiration to climb higher and harder that brought them together.

The course began at 11:00 AM with introduction of the surroundings followed by revision of basic knots and learning new advance knots such as Figure 8 rethread, Italian hitch, Prussik hitch, tape knot etc. Enormous cave of Nanacha Angtha was an ideal place for the session. After a group photo at Naneghat, all arrived at the campsite for lunch. The camp site was a simple house with a few basic rooms just enough to accommodate entire batch. Despite challenges of wilderness, penury and shortage of basic needs, Adhari family has been manning this place and serving all trekking, climbing enthusiasts for past 14 years.

Post lunch, team departed for bouldering session. The boulders were located in a dense forest which gave respite from the scorching heats of afternoon. The bouldering session was just a warm up before getting into more technical sessions like usage of advance belay devices; use of quick draws for clipping a rope etc.  And lastly the day was concluded with ‘valley uprising’. A vivid audio-visual documentation of how climbing culture had evolved in USA in past 50 years.

10th Feb 2017.

After having early breakfast at 7:00 AM, team moved to lead climbing spot. Giripremi team already had opened three new routes for training purposes. Previous night’s movie seemed as if it had influenced the upriser within each one of them. All members did lead climb on two routes with assisted top belay. It was really satisfying to see each of them climbing steadily and confidently. They also learnt about the setting up the anchor systems and belaying the climber. After a much needed and well deserved lunch, they learnt the next steps of lead climbing. Equipment racking, placement of quick draws and some advance anchoring setups. It was followed by multipitch jumaring and rappelling session. Power naps were tempting. There were a lot of free times in between the sessions.However, not meant for resting but for knots and rope coiling practices. At night, after Giripremi’s Cho- Oyu – Dhaulagiri 2016 movie and excited debates and Q&A session on high altitude challenges; Morse code activity gave some calming sense from tiring physical workloads and hefty technical bombardments.

11th Feb 2017.

The day started with lead climb. But today, there was no assisted belay. You make a mistake, you fall. But if you keep your calm and progress steadily, the feelings of completing the whole route would be inexpressible. And that’s what happened with most of the members. Each one of them made a great progress and with each QD clipping, they confidence was uplifting to a new level. Lead climb session was followed by rappelling, jumaring and rope retrieval techniques. An intense advance bouldering session with variety of grades and moves gave the climbers a euphoria of becoming an advance rock climber. Evening session was focused on learning the fundamentals of map reading, orientation and navigation with the help of compass and map followed by an activity which engaged them in finding out a hidden treasure whose only GPS coordinates were available.

As we were coming closer to the end of the course, it was time for practicing the knots, revising all the contents that were taught since the next session was Exams. Written test was followed by knot test.

12th Feb 2017.

It was the last day of the course and was dedicated exclusively for practical tests.  Lead Climb, Jumar- Rappel changeovers, Anchor systems, Rope retrievals everything they demonstrated. Such intense exam was necessary. They were to be qualified as advance rock climbers with recommendation for rock climbing expeditions. But the great thing about this course was, no one felt the pressure of exams, grades and results. They were all so well prepared, well-practiced that even the instructors were finding difficulties in giving the final grades. But lastly, Zaid with his exceptional performance not only in climbing skills, but also in terms of rope management, system implementations and course behavior outperformed everyone to become the best candidate.

The course concluded by 2:30 PM. Bruises, cuts, cramps, muscle pulls and what not they had endured. But more than the certificates these climbing emblems and mind-boggling memories of three and a half days were perhaps more triumphing to them.  We hope that all the climbers continue to challenge themselves with their climbing goals but with absolute safety, thorough preparation and responsible & mature outlook.



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Pindari Glacier Trek

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Hello, Good News for all Nirmaan and Udaan kids…!!!

As you know we have been trying hard to organize Himalayan Training Course level 2 for all who have completed the last year’s Himalayan Adventure Camp, Manali. Finally the possibility of that course is here. 🙂 The dates will be 3rd May to 15th May. The course will be conducted at Pindhari glacier in Kumaun Himalaya. This is an exclusive and first course in this area by GGIM.

There are ONLY 20 seats and since we have to book train from Pune – Delhi – Kathgodam and back, we need to have confirmations latest by 5th Feb, Sunday Afternoon.

Medical + Indemnity Form (Download) (please submit the forms latest by 22nd Apr 2017)

The course fees will be Rs. 21000/-


Option 1 – Pay the all fees by cheque in the name of “Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering

Option 2 – Transfer fees in our bank account

Bank details are given below –

A/c Name – Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering

Bank Name – HDFC Bank, Mayur Colony

A/c No. – 50200009999572

IFSC code- HDFC0000149


D1             Pune to Delhi ( Train journey)

D2             Arrival in Delhi; departure to Kathgodham (overnight journey by train)

D3             kathgodam to kharkiya (drive by jeep)

D4             kharkiya to dwali

D5             dwali to zero point (pindari glacier)

D6             zero point activities

D7.            zero point activities

D8             zero point activities

D9.            zero point to dwali

D10.          Dwali to kharkiya

D11           kharkiya to kathgodam, Kathgodham to Delhi (overnight train)

D12          Delhi to Pune (travel by train)

D13          Arrival in Pune

(Note: at Zero point, the activities will be related to snow craft, height gain etc)

Pindari Glacier Trek
Duration :3rd – 15th May 2017
Reporting: 3rd May, 7:30 AM, Pune Railway Station,Train No,: 12629; Samparka Kranti Express
Arrival: 15th May, 4:20 PM, Pune Railway Station, Train No.: 12780; Goa Express


1. Good quality Hiking Shoes 01
2. Woollen Socks 03
3. Warm Sweater/Jacket 02
4. Track Pant 03
5. Casual T shirt/Shirt 04-05
6. Woollen Cap/Hat 02
7. Warm Gloves 01
8. Under Garments 04-05
9. Light weight towel and napkin 01
10. Floaters 01
11. Sun Block Cream 01
12. Personal Toilet Kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, mosquito repellent, cosmetics if any) 01
13. Sun Cap/ Hat 01
14. Water Bottle 01
15. Sun Glasses 01
16. Torch (with spare batteries) 01
17. Rain Coat/ Poncho 01
18. Notebook and Pen (Mandatory) 01
19.  Rucksack 45-50 litre 01
20. Tiffin Box 01


  • Sleeping bags, mattress for the trek days will be provided, participants have to carry them in their rucksack.
  • Please do not bring deodorants/ perfumes for the camp
  • You may bring cameras at your own responsibility.
  • Participants should carry their packed lunch only for 3rd May 2017.
  • Participants should carry their original school ID card + Photocopy of addhar/passport/school ID
  • Participants can carry approx. Rs. 2000/- as a pocket money.
  • Mobile phones, electronic gadgets are strictly not allowed. GGIM members will post the updates and the parents can get in touch with Bhushan: 9822323147 & Dinesh: 9890499955
  • Suggested Equipment Shops: Everest Adventure Gear: Dinesh Kotkar: 9890499955; Apte Road, Deccan, Pune
    Gypsy Sports Equipment India- Bhavani Peth Near Old Motor Stand Pune
    Vertical Enterprises, Samiran Kolhe, 8275201227
    Wildcraft Store – FC road Pune
    Decathlon- Wagholi Pune
    Shakti Sports- Tilak Road Pune


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