A DAY AT FORT TIKONA – vaidehi Deshpande

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Trek Tikona

Vaidehi Deshpande sharing her experiences of Trek Tikona:

Sunday, June 25 was pretty much the wettest day I’m sure anyone went through- at least while climbing a mountain! We all attended our first Avhaan trek to fort Tikona which literally means a‘triangle’ and is like-a two hour journey from Pune.

It was raining continuously while we were ascending and descending the hillside. Only after we finished trekking and reached the foot of the hill was when the rains stopped. Water was continuously flowing down the hillside and onto us. All of us were muddy and dripping but everyone was ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ at the view of our surroundings  near the base of the hill. A few of us were very eager to get to the top and raced up. But because of the altitude and rain , the atmosphere was full of mist which surrounded the fort like a fuzzy blanket. The fort was in a pretty good condition considering the harsh weather it has to bear most of the time. After a short rest we began our descent. Climbing down was a lot harder than climbing up because of the increased chances of falling. Children slipped quite a number of times on narrow paths and loose rocks. Luckily no one was hurt. It felt good to be sitting again after nearly two hours of

constant trudging in puddles. We had our lunch in the buses and as everybody was tired, we slept for a while. On the way we stopped for some yummy vadapav. We got a cap, a rope and a book for keeping track of our ‘adventures’. After a satisfying snack, we reached home. It was a really enjoyable day and I’m looking forward to more days like these in the year.


Vaidehi Deshpande

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