About GGIM

Pune is the city of mountain lovers. Splendid Sahyadris have always motivated countless mountaineers, trekkers and nature lovers. They have played an instrumental role in weaving together human spirit with devotion to the nature. To boost the existing mountaineering culture, promote mountaineering sport with safety as main focus, and pass on adventure education across all sections of society, Guardian Corporation and Giripremi Mountaineering Club have embarked on a mission to start first mountaineering institute in Maharashtra.

There are mainly 5 government mountaineering institutes in India. All of them are in North or north east sections of India. So not everyone can take a break of 30 days from a tight  office schedules for doing mountaineering courses in north India. GGIM offers short adventure term courses, which are affordable as well as timely manageable.

Giripremi has a strong foundation of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Dhaulagiri summitters, and some of the most experienced rock climbers to train participants. Just within 3 years more than 2000 adventure enthusiasts have been trained through various courses, treks & rock climbing expeditions in Sahyadri as well as in Himalaya mountaineering. GGIM with its motto of 'Adventure for All', is specialized in delivering thorough training in Rock Climbing Courses, Himalaya & Alpine Mountaineering Courses, First Aid, Search & Rescue Operations, Outdoor Adventure for kids and Sahyadri treks for youth & senior citizens. GGIM conducts guided expeditions in India, Nepal, Alps including Seven Summits.

First mountaineering institute of Maharashtra, and has a special team that is training in conducting Corporate Adventures, leadership & team building activities.

About Guardian Corp.

On 24th January 2015,  at the hands of India's renowned boxer Ms. Sarita Devi, Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering was launched. 

The dream of starting the first mountaineering institute of Sahyadri Mountains came in to the reality with the support from Guardian Corporation. Mr. Manish Sabade, the chairman himself is a mountain lover and sports person who believes that Adventure Education and Training in mountaineering is an essential part of building the personality of a person. He himself has completed Basic Mountaineering Course in 1986.

About Giripremi

In 1982, with a motto of “Mountaineering for joy”, five stalwarts in mountaineering laid foundation of the Giripremi. The founder members were Smt. Ushaprabha Page, Anand Palande, Dilip Nimbalkar, Nandu Page, and Shashi Hiremath. The club has successfully completed more than 40 mountaineering expeditions in India. In 2012, Giripremi's 8 mountaineers summitted Mt. Everest. Since then, Giripremi is in pursuit of 'Quest of Eight Thousenders.' 


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