Adventure Outing MSB School 

Adventure Outing MSB School 

Paramount Safety

GGIM organises customise treks for schools according to their calendar. It is a co-curricular activity as students learn a new aspect of the life- adventure.

MSB institute, one of the best schools in the city approached GGIM for customised adventure course on the lines of ANU. School wanted to take students from standard 7 to Standard 10 to mountains. GGIM curated a special yearlong course of the school to cater their need.  

on 28th July 2018, MSB institute’s students were taken to Madhe- Upande Ghat for their first outing. They were taught ‘safety’ aspect of the adventure. The trek was a fun and students were delighted with their first mountain experience. During the course, participating students will be taken to forest trails, jungle safari, and Himalayan adventures along with trekking in Sahyadri.  

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