Avhaan Mumbai : Kids growing stronger

Avhaan Mumbai : Kids growing stronger

ANU (Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan) GGIM's adventure educational programme for school kids, has been taking shape in Mumbai also. It has been three treks of Avhaan Mumbai and 15  kids are regularly participating in Sahyadri treks and undergoing interesting adventure training in every trek. 

The third trek was to Fort Karnala. Experienced mountaineer and recipient of Maharashtra's highest sports award, ShivChhatrapati Award led these bunch of enthusiastic kids. She was accompanied by Ritu Chawla, Jayant Wakode.  Senior climber and one of the greatest Sahyadri explorer Mr. Dhanajay Madan (Appa) also accompanied the kids. During this trek the kids were introduced to mountaineering rope, special knots used during various activities, and learnt about interesting features of Sahyadri. Having now completed three consecutive treks, kids are becoming stronger, and confident to take on tougher challenges in future. 

We hope that they climb from one adventure to another with spirit and enthusiasm. 


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