Everest Base Camp

Experiences from Everest Base Camp

Mr. Nilesh Deshpande, pens his heartfelt feelings as he treks from Lukla to the EBC.  एवरेस्ट दर्शन गेल्या सहा महिन्यांत ...
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Everest base Camp

Memories from Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Memories Mr. Arvind Chitale, at the age of 60, decides to go for Everest Base Camp Trek ...
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High rope adventure in Himalaya

Parent’s speak

मुलांमधे होणारे सुखद बदल अनुभवत आहोत       माझा मुलगा वेदात्मन गेले तीन वर्षांपासून गार्डियन-गिरिप्रेमीच्या आव्हान-निर्माण-उडान कार्यक्रमातील प्रत्येक ट्रेकमधे वेगवेगळे अनुभव ...
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Mt. Island Expedition Experiences

My Trust with Imj Tse Expedition to Mt. Island  (Nepal) The day that I had been waiting for eagerly during ...
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Madhe to Upande -Durga Naniwadekar

Trek to Madhe Ghat - Upande Ghat Madhe ghat - Upande Ghat Trek When I boarded the bus for the ...
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Particiapnt of Avhaan Program

A DAY AT FORT TIKONA – vaidehi Deshpande

Trek Tikona Vaidehi Deshpande sharing her experiences of Trek Tikona: Sunday, June 25 was pretty much the wettest day I’m ...
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