What is High Altitude Acclimatization and How to avoid High Altitude Sickness

What is High Altitude Acclimatization and How to avoid High Altitude Sickness

Hello everyone and greetings from GGIM! We conduct numerous treks, and expeditions in Indian Himalaya, Nepal Himalaya as well as the Seven Summits. If you are planning for High Altitude Treks like  Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, or expeditions like Mt. Island, Mt. Mera, Mt. Stok Kangri, seven summits like Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus, Mt. Aconcagua, here is all that you know about High Altitude Acclimatization.

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Why Everest Base Camp Trek is not as cheap as one thinks

Why Everest Base Camp Trek is not as cheap as one thinks

Everest Base Camp Trek is a once in a life experience that takes us from our city's hassled life style to the foot of the highest mountain on earth. The path takes us through the awe amazing vistas and the towering Himalayan giants of Sagarmatha National Park and leaves a lasting impression on trekkers' minds.

The ancient temples of Kathmandu, the unforgettable Lukla flight journey, Buddhist monasteries en route, warm welcoming Sherpa culture, suspension bridges, ever thinning, cold air mixed with unique pahadi breezes. You will explore every bit of it. And as if this natural exuberance was less, the facilities you enjoy during the trek are just unimaginable. Just the fact that at an altitude of 17500 ft, you can make a whatsApp call to your loved ones back home should sweep you off the feet, let alone delicious food and comfy accommodation at almost every stop en route.

But hang on friends! Don't just get carried away by the awesomeness that you just imagined. The imagination can come into reality only at a price that you must pay. In this blog I want to shed some light on why trekking to the EBC is not as cheap as a lot of people think or as a matter of fact, as much as it has been misled by a lot of tour operators/ agencies.

There has been a powerful surge in the no. of trekkers planning for Everest Base Camp and it will continue to rise. The reason being very simple: Everest: Highest Mountain on Earth!! 

Naturally, to cater to this inexorable demand, many tour operators and agencies have jumped into it and are trying their best to arrange the supply. Few years ago, the no. of agencies could have been  be counted on fingers. But today, that number is rapidly increasing too.

There is a variety in agencies to choose from and there is a variety in potential risks associated as well. Risks of high altitude from mild headache, nausea, to severe symptoms like High Altitude Pulmonary, Cerebral Edema, can lead individual from a healthy being into a severely ill to be evacuated to emergency medical need all the way to Kathmandu.

High altitude sicknsss

In such situations, it is very important to have a proper guidance not just during the trek but also in its thorough planning, preparation, and awareness of the trek from the day EBC idea struck your mind.

Hence, when you are looking for searching an agency for your most valuable experience, don’t just google for one with the cheaper rates. There are always going to have hidden costs associated in it.

There are other cost factors too that can add to your inconvenience, eventually leading into an unpleasant experience.

The (in)famous Lukla Flight:

KTM-Lukla flight shall empty your pockets by 14000-16000 INR. And if the weather conditions are not supportive, you might end up shelling out a few more thousands for the alternate means or you will have to wait till the weather is fine.  

Lukla Airport

Food & Boiled Water for Drinking:


The quality of the food that you eat and the type of water you drink, decides whether you will come back home safely or not; let alone completing the trek with success.

In Nepal, all water needs to be treated before drinking. In our treks, we ensure that each participant gets ample of boiled water every day for the trek. That keeps them warm, away from any infections, or sickness. At every tea house, participants should be encouraged to drink lots of hot fluids such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soups etc. They not only help us keep our bodies warm, and taste buds alive; but also provide vital nutrients and minerals for better metabolic functioning of the bodies at high altitudes. Along with the fluid intake, it is a crucial responsibility of the guides and the agency to serve well cooked food (breakfast, lunch dinner) throughout the trek. We prefer to let the participants decide as per their wish from the menu and encourage them to eat adequate meals. Talking about just food and the hot drinking water, these fundamental survival elements themselves are very expensive in those remote regions of national park. And as you gain higher altitude day by day, the cost of these items significantly rises. Just see here an approx. comparison for reference.




Namche Bazaar


1 L Hot Water

No special cost

60 INR

200 INR

300 INR

Egg Omlet

No cost (Breakfast is included in service)

120 INR

200 INR

250 INR

Now that you are going to spend Min 12-13 days on this remote trek route, then min. expenses that you will have to spend on your fundamental essentials are min INR 1800- 2000. And as you go higher, the cost goes higher too. That amounts for around INR 24000- 30000.

Guides- Porters:

Unless you are a hardcore trekker with thorough knowledge, vast experience of high altitude, and splendid fitness regime, you should not attempt this trek unaided & unguided. Guides are important not just en route, but they keep a close watch on your daily health status, food intake, weather conditions, and the en route trek logistics. Porters carry most of your load on their back so that you can hike comfortably with a small day pack.

The accommodation expenses, guides, porters, medical aids, KTM Hotel accommodation, permit fees, (chopper evacuation in case of emergency) will add more to the cost. And if all these aren’t enough, thorough fitness preparation, flawless planning are equally important elements to be considered.

Through this blog, I wish to emphasize that Everest Base Camp Trek is not a cheap affair. Even if you are going as unguided, you will have to spend considerable amount of money so that you can enjoy every bit of it and return home safely with wonderful memories.

We are going there for once in a lifetime and why look for compromises? So don’t get misled by the smaller cost figures. You might just end up paying a fortune for the cost saving at wrong place. 

Wishing you a happy new year and a Safe & Enjoyable High-Altitude Experiences ahead!

Everest base Camp

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Happy New Year : High Altitude Challenges 2019

Happy New Year : High Altitude Challenges 2019

We wish you all [edsanimate_start entry_animation_type= "flash" entry_delay= "0" entry_duration= "0.5" entry_timing= "linear" exit_animation_type= "" exit_delay= "" exit_duration= "" exit_timing= "" animation_repeat= "1" keep= "yes" animate_on= "load" scroll_offset= "" custom_css_class= ""]HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!![edsanimate_end] 

Here's to the Adventurer within you! High Altitude Challenges : Himalaya and Seven Summit for 2019 year!

A series of Challenges full of adventure, Exploration, extending your comfort zones, and achieving something remarkable that will create a golden memoir page in your biography..

Take a look at various treks and expeditions for this year and join in with us. 

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Construction of Sport Climbing Wall

Construction of Sport Climbing Wall

GGIM constructed 24X16 sqft sport climbing wall at Dhruv Global Academy Pune.

Sport Climbing is an emerging sport in India and is going to be an Olympic Event in Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Young generation of India, especially the school students are taking part in this sport and are performing very well.

Some of GGIM students have represented their school in National levels.

Team GGIM with School Chairman Shri. Sanjay Malpani
Sport Climbing Wall for School Studdents


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Basic Rock Climbing Course


GGIM conducted 3 batches of Basic Rock Climbing Course. One in Nov and 2 in Dec.

All the courses took place with incredible enthusiasm from the participants as they learnt the fundamentals of Sahyadri Trekking, Skills and techniques in Rock Climbing, Safety precautions to be undertaken etc.

At the end of the course, the participants undertook the exams and were graded and certified based on their performance.

After the basic level, next level is Advance Rock Climbing Course scheduled in Feb 2019

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Avhaan Adventure Course

jumaring at sinhagad

GGIM conducted Avhaan Adventure Course during 23-26 Dec 2018. 17 kids participated in the course that comprised of various topics such as Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Jummaring, Camping, Cooking, Backpacking, Equipment Introduction etc.

Most of them were the students of GGIM’s ANU Mumbai Program. GGIM started this school of adventure education in Mumbai in June 2018. Since then 15-16 kids regularly participate in our monthly adventure education programme.

After this course, the kids will participate in Himalaya Adventure Course in the month of May 2019







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International Mountain Day Festival

Greetings from Giripremi & GGIM!!

On the eve of International Mountain Day, we are organizing International Mountain Day Festival.

Every year, International Mountain Day is celebrated on December 11. One seventh of world’s population lives in mountain areas, whereas remaining one third is largely dependent on the natural resources, originating in mountains. Thus, the awareness about preserving mountain ecosystem has become a need of an hour. To create awareness about the mountain issues, United Nations celebrate International Mountain Day with unique theme every year.

This year, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations has chosen Mountain Matters as a theme to celebrate International Mountain Day. Mountains play a crucial role in building an ecosystem of the planet. The vulnerability of the mountains feeds the climate change. Hence raising up an attention towards mountains is a need of an hour. This year’s theme highlights the importance of mountains in water conservation, food planning, biodiversity and numerous other aspects.
Giripremi has planned several programs to create awareness about the cause and emphasize the contribution of mountaineers to the development of an ecosystem of the mountain region.
With several events, Giripremi aims to reach more people to create awareness about mountains. Mountain lovers should not miss the opportunity to witness these mountainous events.

For more details, visit: http://ggim.in/INTERNATIONAL-MOUNTAIN-DAY-FESTIVAL/

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ANU: Nov 2018

28 kids of Avhaan Adv. Students trekked the Fort Harishchandra and climbed peak Taramati during 11-12 Nov. They explored the ancient caves and temples of the fort and enjoyed the panoramic views of Splendid KokanKada.
Nirmaan Group trekked the ancient trade route: Savashne Ghat as they travelled from Tail baila to Sudhagad fort. They started their journey from Tailbaila. After exploring the climbing routes and geographical features of the Tail Baila Dyke, they trekked down to village called Dhondse. They stayed at a temple and cooked their dinner with the help of local villagers. Next day, they climbed up the fort Sudhagad and by late evening, reached back to Pune.
While, Nirmaan Adv. Students travelled all the way to Mulher via Nashik. In their two days programme, they explored Mulher, Mora, Salher Salota forts of Baglan region. They learnt the history of the famous battles between Maratha- Mughals.

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Avhaan Adventure Course : Nov 2018

90 kids from Avhaan group (both Mumbai & Pune) participated in GGIM’s Avhaan adventure Course during Diwali vacation. The course had been an adrenaline gushing event with adventure activities such as rock climbing, rappelling, camping, cooking, jumaring, backpacking, first aid, map making etc. spanning over the three days. At the end of the course, practical as well as written exams followed by prize distribution concluded the event.
The course has been a stepping stone for them as they come out of their comfort zones and perform something extra ordinarily that they, and at times even we didn’t think that they will. At the end of the course each student seemed transformed with boundless confidence and seemingly high energy.
This course will help them become stronger in terms of physical fitness as well as mental fitness as they truly learnt the art of “Enjoy the Discomfort”

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