GGIM started Mt. Elbrus Expedition in Aug 2016. Since then, this was the third consecutive successful expedition to Mt. Elbrus.Situated in Russia, Caucasus range, Mt. Elbrus is the highest mountain of Europe continent. It is also one of the seven summits. This year, GGIM`s one of the strongest mountaineers, Dinesh Kotkar, led the group of three members: Rohini Upasani, Aliasgar Parekh, and Yash Muchhalla. The team departed from India on 31st July 2018. They did three acclimatization treks in Elbrus region of Baksan valley and on 4th Aug 2018, reached the base camp at barrels (South side route). After spending a day acclimatizing on the slopes of Elbrus, team made it to the summit on 6th. All 4 of them along with local guide Viktor Komarichev, reached the summit. 

GGIM Congratualates to all the summitters and wish good luck for future mountainous challenges!!  

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