GGIM to initiate training & guidance for high altitude mountaineering

GGIM to initiate training & guidance for high altitude mountaineering

Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering (GGIM) is launching a unique initiative for ‘Safe Mountaineering.’ The consultation desk will help the aspirant mountaineers to climb the high-altitude Himalayan peaks. The consultation will be free of cost.

In the recent climbing season, there has been much unpleasant news of deaths of so many people on Everest and other mountains. Many individuals and organizations across the world made their statements and quoted their opinions on these tragic incidences. We, at GGIM and Giripremi also feel that it is now time for entire mountaineering fraternity to act together towards ‘Safe Mountaineering.’ Giripremi has been following the definite process and structured approach towards every mountaineering expedition for the past 37 years, which is a major factor in the success of all the expeditions. In mountaineering, there are two types of hazards, one is objective hazards like avalanches, rockfalls, storms, bad weather, etc. over which any mountaineer has no control and another is subjective hazards like high altitude diseases, falls, exhaustion, dehydration etc. which are normally caused due to human errors, which can be totally avoided with proper training and technical knowledge. The consultation desk will help the aspirant climbers to deal with subjective hazards and help them to nullify human errors.

GGIM and Giripremi have already been working for rescue and emergency help in Sahyadri region under Maharashtra Mountaineers Rescue Coordination Center (MMRCC). We are planning to establish a similar ecosystem at larger level where guidance for safe mountaineering will be provided along with rescue and emergency help.

While everyone talks about the so-called ‘traffic jam’ and tragic incidences at Mt. Everest this year, GGIM feels the need of spreading proper awareness and in-depth knowledge of Mountaineering on such high mountains. Mt. Everest is the pinnacle point in the mountaineering fraternity. Thousands of people around the world dare to dream of reaching the roof of the world. But, the ballgame of 8000er meters mountain and Mt. Everest in particular, is different. The constant high-velocity winds, lowest of temperatures, availability of natural oxygen lesser than 5% and technical difficulties in climbing blue ice, and Hillary Step make Mt. Everest climbing extremely challenging. However, one can overcome all the challenges if he or she prepares has trained and prepared for that. In addition, this year, the situation near the summit was unprecedented. More than 250 climbers and around the same number of Sherpas were beeline near Everest summit. The photo of traffic jam had also gone viral on the internet. Due to this chaotic situation, several climbers who were not prepared enough for the challenges faced difficulties. Eleven climbers, unfortunately, died on Mt. Everest journey, most of them were Indians. When we studied the reasons behind all the unfortunate incidences, we concluded that these deaths are a result of lack of preparation, planning, and guidance. Considering these things in mind, GGIM and Giripremi recommend special training and guidance for aspirant mountaineers who wish to attempt Mt. Everest and other 8000m mountains. The structured training regime for approx. period of 2 years including training and practical experience of 6000m and 7000m expeditions is suggested for safe and planned climbing of high altitude peaks.

Following are the key training areas which one should focus before going on the Quest of Mt. Everest –


-          Awareness and in-depth knowledge about facts on 8000er mountains

-          Methodical Planning of the preparation covering all the basics.

-          Strength Building

-          Stamina Increment

-          Scientific Training in physical fitness for the Himalayan expedition

-          Training for mental fitness for the Himalayan expedition

-          Training for first aid and high altitude medicines for the Himalayan expedition

-          Training for technical skills required for high altitude climbing

-          Proper Diet plans and consultation in high altitude food planning

-          Preparation treks and climbing expeditions

-          Expeditions to 6000m – 7000m expeditions.

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