Giripremi Climbs Mt. Cathedral in Bara Shigri

Giripremi Climbs Mt. Cathedral in Bara Shigri

Giripremi team comprised of Vivek Shivade (leader), Priyanka Chinchorkar (deputy leader), Varun Bhagwat, Amit Talwalkar, Krishna Dhokle, Jitendra Gaware, Saiyami Takale, Anjali Katre, and Rohan Desai successfully summitted Mt. Cathedral, (5890 m) in Bara Shigri (Glacier) of Himachal Pradesh in Spiti Region on 6th Aug 2018. 

Team had been meticulously training and preparing for the expedition for past 6 months. The group had a diversity in experience. Vivek Shivade, having a prior experience of climbing 7-8 peaks and having led expeditions like Mt. CB 13, Mt Elbrus, Mt. Kilimanjaro, led this expedition. Giripremi’s  Everest Summitter Krishna Dhokle, who had summitted Mt. Elbrus, Mt. Hanuman Tibba, Mt. Shrikantha, was also part of the team. Priyanka Chinchorkar, was on her Giripremi’s first expedition but before that she had summitted Mt. Spangnak Ri in Leh region and was a member of Gangotri I expedition. Along with Vivek, Krishna, and Priyanka, team had six new talented mountaineers: Jitendra Gaware, Varun Bhagwat, Rohan Desai, Anjali Katre, Saiyami Takale, and Amit Talwalkar. 

The success of this expedition shall provide vital boost for upcoming Giripremi`s Mt. Kangchenjunga expedition in Apr - May 2019



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