High Spirits – Annanya Dass

Astonished, mesmerized, and fulfilled with the elegance of  beauty and traits of mystique enhancement we saw. Manali was a wonder come true for not only me but almost everyone. Here comes a short poem which describes the basic idea of how we felt and feel now about the trip. :

Moments full of fun, honour and pride,
This was our most unexpected wonderful ride,
A ride of a journey just of some days,
Which changed us in so many different ways.

A memory filled with friends,
And our very new different trends,
Learning new things was made fun,
And we were eager for more inturn.

Training like an army platoon,
Duration like a short monsoon,
Experiences made a glance,
This was our best chance.

This turned into an adventure book,
And that could be seen on each and every look,
Everything was so awesome,
Our inspiration always blossom.

Another hope of a new adventure stays awake,
For all of us this idea bakes,
These challenging things make us more strong,
And for them forever we’ll long.

As seen, this was a fantabulous thing that got true. The training felt so good even after being so challenging . It became an experience beyond words. The moments were too special, and the time unforgettable. I will always long for more adventures like this. Thank-You to all teachers n friends for making this trip a never-forgetting moment for me forever!

With regards,
Anannya Rene Dass

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