Himalaya Adventure Course

Himalaya Adventure in Manali, Naggar, Pindari, & Darjeeling

GGIM's flagship programme : Avhaan - Nirmaan - Udaan (Adventure Education for youth) is a yearlong programme and Himalaya Adventure Course is the last part of ANU curriculum. During this programme, Avhaan participants go for Snow Trek in Manali, Avhaan Adv. students trek the beautiful trails of Rani Sui Lake in Naggar. While elder and experienced ones fro Nirmaan undertake challenging Pindari Glacier trek in Uttarakhand. Nirmaan Advance participants are trained specially at Darjeeling under joint association of GGIM & HMI darjeeling. 

The aim of these long trekking programme is to inculcate the spirit of adventure, make the new generation bold and confident, and give them memorable experiences, they shall cherish forever. 

Participants registered in ANU curriculum, can participate in Himalaya Adventure Programme. For more details, please visit: here

Or contact us on 8975398886/9769302934

Himalaya Summer Course
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