International Mountain Day Festival

Every year, International Mountain Day is celebrated on December 11. One seventh of world’s population lives in mountain areas, whereas remaining one third is largely dependent on the natural resources, originating in mountains. Thus, the awareness about preserving mountain ecosystem has become a need of an hour. To create awareness about the mountain issues, United Nations celebrate International Mountain Day with unique theme every year.

This year, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations has chosen Mountain Matters as a theme to celebrate International Mountain Day. Mountains play a crucial role in building an ecosystem of the planet. The vulnerability of the mountains feeds the climate change. Hence raising up an attention towards mountains is a need of an hour. This year's theme highlights the importance of mountains in water conservation, food planning, biodiversity and numerous other aspects.  
Giripremi has planned several programs to create awareness about the cause and emphasize the contribution of mountaineers to the development of an ecosystem of the mountain region.

With several events, Giripremi aims to reach more people to create awareness about mountains. Mountain lovers should not miss the opportunity to witness these mountainous events.


Online Photography Competition.   25th Nov - 5th Dec 2018

On the occasion of International Mountain Day, Giripremi is organizing Open Online Photography Competition.  Participants must share self clicked original (unedited) photo. While sharing the photo, participant needs to write about the photo in brief and should use #IMDgiripremi2018 hashtag. 

The competition will be held during  25th Nov - 5th Dec, 2018. Read More

>> Five winners will be selected by the judges. 

>> The winning photos will be shared and published on different platforms of Giripremi.

>> The winners will also get exciting prizes. 

>> Prizes sponsored by Primes & Zooms  Gift vouchers worth:

  • 1st: 7500/-
  • 2nd: 5000/-
  • 3rd : 2500/-
  • 4th & 5th : 1500/- each 

All the details of the competition are described in below mentioned link:

Mountain Run on Sunday, December 9, 2018

Mountain Run on Sunday, December 9, 2018 at Vetal Tekdi, Pune

Inspired by United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation's efforts to create awareness about mountains and the importance of conservation of Mountains all over world, Giripremi has launched the First Ever 'Eco Expedition' from India to the  highest mountain of India, Mt. Kangchenjunga. Read More

 To celebrate International Mountain Day and to support Giripremi's Mt. Kangchenjunga Eco Expedition 2019, Giripremi has organized ‘The Mountain Run’.  Everyone above 10 years, can take part in this race! There will be three categories.

  1. Pro Race 10 KM  
  2. Amateur Race 10 KM
  3. Kids Race 5 KM

Apart from these categories, there is an open category 'Walkathon', (5 KM) 

All the details of the event are mentioned in the link below:

Mountain Film Festival - December 9, 2018 at 6 PM onwards

Mountain Film Festival at Abasaheb Garware College’s Auditorium, Karve road, Pune, on Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 6 PM onwards.

Screening of some of the admired Mountain Expeditions films of this year. 

Mountain Worship at Hanuman Tekadi behind Fergusson College on Monday, December 11, 2018

On the International Mountain Day, we all will worship the mountain goddess at Hanuman Tekadi behind Fergusson College at 7 AM

All are welcome!!

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