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२०१७ मधला माझा ‘उडान’ चा पहिला ट्रेक होता. या ट्रेकला जाण्याचे माझे पहिले कारण म्हणजे पाऊस. पावसामुळे आपल्याला त्या ठिकाणची सुंदर दृश्य पाहण्याचा अनुभव घेता येतो. जेव्हापासून मी ‘गिरीप्रेमी’ संस्थेत दाखल झालो, तेव्हापासूनचे सर्व पावसाळी ट्रेक मी केले आहेत.   २०१७ मधील उडानचा पहिला ट्रेक आंबोली ते आहुपे असा होता. हा ट्रेक मुक्कामी ट्रेक होता. या ट्रेकच्या तारखा १ व २ जुलै होत्या. १ जुलैला आम्हाला सकाळी ४ वाजता फर्ग्युसन कॉलेजच्या मेन गेटपाशी पोचायचे होते.   साधारणतः आम्ही तेथून ४.३० – ४.४५ च्या दरम्यान निघालो व सकाळी ९ वाजता आंबोली गावात पोचलो. आंबोली गावात पोहोचल्या पोहोचल्या ढग गडगडू लागले व जोराचा पाऊस सुरु झाला. आम्ही सर्व उडानचे आहोत, त्यामुळे दादांनी Read more

sketch by kavya awate


Durga portrait photo

When I boarded the bus for the first trek of Avhaan Advanced, I started seeing familiar faces. Many of my friends from the May High Altitude Manali camp boarded my bus too. I felt so happy and excited to meet them again, for I had missed them more than I missed my parents for any trek. Ira came and sat next to me and we started chit-chatting about how excited we were for this trek. Soon, the two of us went to sleep (both of us had woken up at 5 am and were very sleepy). I woke up an hour later, and we were already outside Pune. Our road Read more


  Sunday, June 25 was pretty much the wettest day I’m sure anyone went through- at least while climbing a mountain! We all attended our first Avhaan trek to fort Tikona which literally means a‘triangle’ and is like-a two hour journey from Pune. It was raining continuously while we were ascending and descending the hillside. Only after we finished trekking and reached the foot of the hill was when the rains stopped. Water was continuously flowing down the hillside and onto us. All of us were muddy and dripping but everyone was ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ at the view of our surroundings  near the base of the hill. A few of Read more

A beautiful sketch by a 10 year ol Kanha in his frist ever trek to Fort Tikona. Have a look at the way he has described his first ever encounter with super heavy rains!

DESCEND:  MADHE GHAT ASCEND:  UPANDHE GHAT Pune District’s last village à Upande Village – Taluka Velhe Why the name Madhe Ghat à Tanaji Malusare; Shivaji Maharaj’s “Mavala” won the fort “Kondhana (Sinhagad)” for him. But while fighting, Tanaji passed away. In Marathi, a dead body is called a “Madha”. Since this “Madha” was carried back to his village through this ghat, hence the name “Madhe Ghat” as given. Given below: Trek Madhe Ghat We started slightly late at about 6:50 – 7:00 am. We met Umesh Zirpe Sir and the other instructors. After reaching at our 1st destination – village Kelad à we were divided in three ropes, 2 of 7 Read more

Astonished, mesmerized, and fulfilled with the elegance of  beauty and traits of mystique enhancement we saw. Manali was a wonder come true for not only me but almost everyone. Here comes a short poem which describes the basic idea of how we felt and feel now about the trip. : Moments full of fun, honour and pride, This was our most unexpected wonderful ride, A ride of a journey just of some days, Which changed us in so many different ways. A memory filled with friends, And our very new different trends, Learning new things was made fun, And we were eager for more inturn. Training like an army platoon, Read more


I always had a question in my mind. A question for which I got a number of answers, but none of them could satisfy me. I was very curious to discover it’s answer but as I grew up my curiosity started to fade away. But last month I realised that I had found my answer. The answer for which I had been waiting since a long time. The question may seem a little childish. Was there a thing called as heaven? If it was then can we find it on earth? And was it possible for us to reach into it? It took a long time for me to discover Read more


The Annapurna Circuit is a trek within the Annapurna mountain range of central Nepal. This is GGIM’s first ever batch and in this trekking adventure, Uday Jadhav & Trupti Joshi, two of the most energetic trekkers from Pune are participating. Ganesh More, Giripremi’s most experienced mountaineer, Everester will be guiding them during the trek.The team will traverse rhododendron forests, isolated hamlets, and mountain villages for six to seven hours daily and will cover 150-160 kms in 6 days. The team will start from Pune on 6th Apr 2017. The team: Ganesh More, Uday Jadhav & Trupti Joshi 17th Apr 2017:  Finally the team has successfully completed the trek and have returned Read more

Flag off ceremony

Mrs. MuktaTilak, Mayor, Pune Municipal Corp. hands over the tricolour to Giripremi’s mountaineers Mr. Umesh Zirpe, Giripremi’s senior mountaineer & leader of five 8000der expeditions & Mr. Vishal Kaduskar, a mountaineer who has dedicated himself towards mountaineering, are embarking on the challenge of Mt. Everest Expedition on 2nd Apr 2017. Mrs. MuktaTilak, Mayor, Pune Municipal Corp. wished her compliments to the duo, on the occasion of informal Flag off ceremony held at Mayor House on 30th Mar 2017 . Pune, the city once known for the mountain lovers, is now a spurring nucleus of hard-core mountaineers. The energetic culture here and needless to mention the Patriarch Sahyadri himself, are the Read more