Madhe to Upande trek – Advait Jog

Madhe to Upande trek – Advait Jog



Pune District’s last village à Upande Village – Taluka Velhe

Why the name Madhe Ghat à Tanaji Malusare; Shivaji Maharaj’s “Mavala” won the fort “Kondhana (Sinhagad)” for him. But while fighting, Tanaji passed away. In Marathi, a dead body is called a “Madha”. Since this “Madha” was carried back to his village through this ghat, hence the name “Madhe Ghat” as given. Given below: Trek Madhe Ghat

We started slightly late at about 6:50 – 7:00 am. We met Umesh Zirpe Sir and the other instructors. After reaching at our 1st destination – village Kelad à we were divided in three ropes, 2 of 7 children and 1 of 6. The rope names were given as “Tikona”, “Singhagad” and “Harishchandragad”. I am in rope Harishchandragad and the rope’s instructor is Samiran Dada. We started with a ghoshana. The walking was on plain land for about half a kilometer. Then we started climbing down. For some time we walked near a waterfall “Keleshwar Waterfall”. For some time we walked under a tunnel made of trees. The walk felt as if we were walking on a bed. The sponge like humus gave this feel. When we reached the plain near village Upandhe, Umesh Sir showed us the “Keleshwar Waterfall” and the “Lakshmi Waterfall”. Then we had our lunch in a house in village Upandhe. Three girls sang songs.

Trek à Upandhe Ghat

At about 1:00 pm we started our return journey but the rain stopped us for about half an hour. Then we started back again through the muddy water accumulated due to rain. This was eeky but FUN!

Then we started climbing, this was Upandhe ghat. Looking at the lush green grass, we never realized when we reached on top of the plateau. Here Umesh Sir took us to a place for Singhagrjana*.

After the Singhagarjana we headed back to village Kelad. Everyone was soaked so we changed our clothes; boys in the bus and girls in a bungalow where we had tea. The after a group photo, we ate in the bus and started our return journey. We reached the Rajaram Pul stop at 7:00 pm. It was a wonderful Experience!!

* Singhagarjana à

In a Singhagarjana you shout as loudly as you can, opening your mouth in a wide AAAAAAAAAA…………….

This relaxes your cheek muscles. This info was given by Umesh Sir.

Advait Jog

Avhaan Advance







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