Mont Blanc climbing expedition
The highest mountain of Western Europe in Alps Range

Literally known as white mountain. It is the highest mountain in Alps range and highest in western Europe.


The first recorded ascent of Mont Blanc was on 8 August 1786 by Jacques Balmat and the Dr. Michel Paccard. Nowadays the summit is ascended by an average of 20,000 mountaineer-tourists each year. It is an easy, yet arduous, ascent for someone who is well-trained and acclimatized to the altitude.

You enter the Valley and your gaze is immediately attracted to Mont Blanc, the 4,810 metres high top of Europe, the third most visited natural site in the world.

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We stress a lot on the fact that the mountain holds the last authority and allows well trained and well acclimated climbers to embrace her only in her best times.

GGIM puts paramount focus on Thorough Preparation, Absolute Safety and Sufficient Acclimatization of  the team. Also, we spend three days on practicing the climbing techniques and letting the climber acclimate in Alps climate.

Here‘s a link to know about high altitude challenges and how to deal with them.

With detailed planning and preparation, we intend to give our climbers best possible climbing experience on Kili.


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Step 1:

Download the forms here. Fill them and send back to us along with very good quality photocopy of passport and initial booking payment, INR 30,000. (Payment details are mentioned below)

(Kindly pay attention that we need participant’s details and booking payment at least 2 months in advance. Without the initial booking amount, Visa invitation cannot be generated)

Step 2:

Make your travel and visa arrangements. Also make a travel insurance. Team GGIM will help you here. (Once we receive your initial booking amount, we will generate the visa invitation so that you can immediately apply for visa)

Step 3:

Make the balance payment. This needs to be done at least 4 weeks in advance so that we can book Gite at Chamonix, huts/Gite during the climb and arrange for expedition logistics.

(Please note that earlier you finish the formalities earlier you can start preparation for expedition)

Payment details:

You can pay either by cash or cheque in the name of ‘Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering


Bank details:

  • A/c Name- Guardian Giripremi Institute of mountaineering.
  • A/c No. 35422707432
  • IFSC Code- SBIN0013530
  • Branch – karve Nagar ,pune 411052
  • A/c type- Current

Cancellation terms:

Initial booking payment is nonrefundable.

For the remaining fees paid, if you wish to cancel your trip due to personal reasons, following are the T&Cs:

If cancellation is done 4 weeks before the starting date, 25% of the balance fees will be deducted.

If cancellation is done between 4 to 2 weeks before the starting date, 50 % of the balance fees will be deducted.

If cancellation is done 2 weeks before the starting date, no refund will be made.


Official Papers:

Valid passport

2 Copies of first page + visa page of passport

Airline tickets

Visa invitation.


Camping Gear:

Sleeping bag rated to -5 °C


Sun screen lotion (30 – 40 SPF)

Sun glasses (UV Polaroid)

Toiletry kit

Personal medication


Insulated parka/jacket, down or synthetic, rated to -10°C and able to fit over other sweater layers

Rain jacket and pants(side-leg zippers are helpful), roomy and water repellent

Midweight fleece jacket

Thermal underwear tops and bottom

Hiking pants/skirt

Long-sleeve shirts/blouses



Hiking socks, Liner socks

Hiking boots, floaters/ snickers (for camping)

Mountaineering Gear:

Plastic boots

Cramp on

Mountaineering ice ax (long and straight. No technical ice ax)

Head torch with spare batteries

55 – 65 L rucksack

1 Harness, 1 self anchor, 2 screw carabiniers

Gloves, balaclava, pair of gaiters



To be able to comfortably enjoy climbing and summit the mountain you should have not only good number of hikes, walks or any other cardio workouts but also some exposure to mountaineering skills and experience under your belt


Although our guides will teach you basics of glacier walks, cramponing and usage of other technical gears, you should have learnt some degree of glacier walking, snow and ice climbing before coming to Alps. While Ice climbing may not be a prerequisite on Mont Blanc but being able to confidently walk with crampons and ice ax will be a lot helpful.

Basic knowledge of mountaineering knots, equipment usage (rope, harness, carabiners) is advisable. Team GGIM will guide you in training your technical as well as physical skills.


Activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, spinning could be great ones to put in force. If you are lucky to have hills and mountains nearby, they are your best weekend hiking destinations.


Along with cardiovascular training, it is equally essential to put in strength training in your workout regime. Particularly, lower body, back and core muscles. Thrice a week you can engage in doing pushups, crunches, squats, lunges etc. Suryanamaskaars & Yog will give maximum benefits.


After every workout, and even after the treks, never forget to stretch your muscles to relieve the stresses and pulls created during the activity. This will help you keep injuries at bey.