My (first) Visit to Manali – Vishwajeet Shingare

Adventure Trek Participant: Avhaan

Adventure Course at Manali with GGIM

I always had a question in my mind. A question for which I got a number of answers, but none of them could satisfy me. I was very curious to discover it's answer but as I grew up my curiosity started to fade away. But last month I realised that I had found my answer.

The answer for which I had been waiting since a long time. The question may seem a little childish. Was there a thing called as heaven? If it was then can we find it on earth? And was it possible for us to reach into it? It took a long time for me to discover the answer but finally I got it. Last month I had been on a trip to Manali between 9th May to 22nd May, probably the best trip I have ever been to. Me and my sister Ojaswini joined a mountaineering group called as ‘GGIM (Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering)’. At first, I was very nervous as I didn't have any friends in the institute. We had to go through a train journey to reach Delhi and then we hired a bus to the institute. When we reached Manali I had a pleasant sense of smell which kept on changing. This smell mesmerized me and I got up to look through the window. There came a smile on my face and my eyes closed. Looking at the beautiful cherry plants and apple trees and the lustrous and soft leaves of Gulmohar I was lost in my past thoughts. I had finally discovered the heaven on earth. We got down the bus and walked to our famous institute, The Atal Bihari Bajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports.  It was just like a palace in the woods. The gentle winds blowing slowly, tickled me. We got our rooms to stay which were pretty luxurious. We had to stay five in a room where I made many new friends. After a while it was lecture time where we learnt about the great mountains of the Himalayas. After a tiring travel, we all were very hungry. The food arranged for us was no so delicious but was certainly very nutritious. After the lunch, we got a free time and we decided to click pictures. We all ran to get our cameras to capture the beautiful terrains of nature during which we didn't realise that it was dinner time. We had our dinner and were fast asleep after a tiring day. The best thing I liked about the day was that we all had to maintain utmost discipline which made me feel like an army leader. On the first day, I was made the group leader which was more than a proud moment for me. The next day we had to get up early by 4 'o' clock when we were served hot tea. We had our breakfast at 6 'o' clock and at sharp 6:30 we left for the trek. The trek was a little tiring on the first day but as we moved on every day for the acclimatisation treks we became used to it. As a leader, I had to coordinate all the activities like providing refreshments and look into any other problems of all the members. After a few treks, it was finally time for the trek for which we all were waiting. The trek to ‘Beaskund’ which was known so because it was considered as the origin of the river Beas. It was going to be the most tiring trek since it was a very high-altitude mountain. While others were very nervous about today's trek I was very excited. We began for the trek early morning. After a long distance, we all were very tired but our organizers were successful in encouraging us. When we all reached the foothills of the mountain we could see the snow after which all of us ran towards it. We all made snowballs and were hitting each other with them. We also made a huge snowman and the best thing was that the whole group participated in it. This was a sign of team spirit. After an hour of enjoyment, it was time for us to leave. I was able to see many different emotions in many people. Some of them were happy while some felt home sick. But finally, we started again for the rest house with a new energy. When I entered my room the first thing I did was that I jumped on my bed and woke up only after an hour. Finally, it was time for us to leave. We all packed our bags and got into our bus. We reached the Railway Station in an hour and left for pine. When we reached the Pune station on 22nd May’2017, we all met our friends as we were going to meet them only after a long time. Finally, it was time to go. We bid farewell to each other and left for our home.

It was a very adventurous experience for me in which I learnt and developed many qualities in which the most important was the leadership quality. I would love to go on such a wonderful trip to heaven once again.


Written by: Vishwajeet Omprakash Shingare (GGIM, Pune)

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