Nisargnaad 22 July 2018

Nisargnaad 22 July 2018

Adventure for All

Giripremi and GGIM believe in ‘Adventure for All’ Mantra. It has designed a special yearlong adventure course for amateur trekkers named Nisargnaad. Like ANU, Nisargnaad participants are taken to mountains once every month to enjoy the nature and learn something new.

These treks are perfect for practicing for Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp treks’ preparation. In 2017-18 season 105 Nisargnaad participants went to Nepal in April- May 2018 for high altitude treks.

Nisargnaad season 2018-19 was launched on 22 July 2018 with a trek to Bhorgiri- Bhimashankar. The theme of the trek was ‘drenched in the rains fullest’ as it was the peak monsoon time and there was an ample opportunities to get wet. 62 participants across age groups were trekked Bhorgiri- Bhimashankar region in heavy rains.

Nisargnaad treks are for all of them who love mountains. To make your hike interesting, every trek has special guests including veteran and senior mountaineers, Everesteer, Historian, Geologist, Environmentalists or journalists. They share their life experiences with the participants. For the first trek of the season, Everesteer Bhushan Harshe accompanied the troupe.

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