PUMBA Training Programme

PUMBA Training Programme

PUMBA Training Programme July 18 and 19 2018


Mountaineering and adventure sports always help to build and nurture several skills including leadership, team building, bonding, courage, etc. These skills are extremely important in every stage of life and we understand it thoroughly. To put thoughts into perspective, GGIM has designed special training programs which help in ice breaking and team building activities.

Recently, GGIM, in association with PUMBA, Department of BBA, Savitribai Phule Pune University, conducted a team building and induction workshop for the new entrants of the BBA course at the department for the year 2018-19. There were total 36 students participated in the workshop. The workshop was conducted in 2 sessions on 18 and 19 July 2018. During the workshop, participants were offered with a variety of team building tasks and activities where they were exposed to team qualities like team spirit, coordination, cooperation, taking initiative, problem solving etc. After every activity, there was a short debriefing session to discuss the behavioural traits displayed during the activity.

Such workshop was just a tip of an iceberg in the field of management and leadership. More in-depth studies, about management, team and individual behaviours etc. The activities which were conducted in this workshop were the triggers to the processes that could be studied and analyzed in depth. Moreover, this workshop acted as the platform for these new entrants to open their minds and brains for receiving new things, knowledge, and concepts. Also, it helped them to break the ice between the group which will certainly be an advantage for them to study together for the next three years.

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