Trek to Rohida- Shardul S.

Beginning of this year, January 2017, I went for a photography exhibition with my parents – ‘Giripremi Himalayan Expedition’. The team had displayed beautiful and rare photos of Himalayan snow clad mountains. On display was also the climbing equipment. This was also the time, we had returned from our trip to Darjeeling and I had been to HMI - Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. The visit to exhibition and museum got me interested in trekking and mountaineering.
We came to know about the ANU camp and I was excited to join the camp in June – 2017.
I enrolled for Avahaan in July-2017. My first trek was to Fort Rohida. It was a Sunday and my parents dropped me at Fergusson College. Initially, I was a bit nervous, as I didn’t have a single friend. Within a short while, I made friends with my bus mates. On the way, we had breakfast in the bus.
When we reached Fort Rohida it was raining heavily. We were put into small groups according to our grades and ages. Then we started climbing. On the way, kids slipped, got their hands filled with mud, yet everyone was having fun. I too was one of them who slipped!
On way, we saw fresh streams of water, greenery everywhere, monsoon mushrooms!!! We were told not to touch the mushrooms as they were poisonous. It was very windy and I was feeling cold due to the continuous pitter-patter of the raindrops.
We had our lunch in a temple. After lunch we explored the Fort and then began climbing down. During the day, I enjoyed spending time with nature, made new friends, and learnt how to use a rope.
On the way back to Pune, we had hot, tasty Vada-Pav. I had lots of JOY and FUN throughout the day. I am looking forward to my next trek.

Shardul Shrimali
10 years (Avhaan 2017)

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