Udaan Trek : Ahupe- Gorakhgad

Udaan Trek : Ahupe- Gorakhgad

Udaan is the last level of ANU curriculum. In Udaan, there are only handful of students. At the end of the Udaan program, we hope to see them become a responsible trekker equipped with outdoor skills, knowledge, sound fitness, and having good leadership skills.

Here is an example of an upcoming sound, responsible and all round trekker. Sharing with you a report presented by on of the Udaan students: Omkar Oak.

Ahupe Gorakhgad 18-19 August 2018 trek report by: Omkar suhas Oak
Starting point: Ahupe
Distance from Pune: 133 km
We had breakfast at Mansar.
We started from Ahupe at 9:30 am. We cross a small pond and then started
going downhill the Ahupe ghat. We crossed various streams as it was the rainy season.

We reached the base of Ahupe ghat in 2 & half hours. Reaching the base we
could see Gorakhgad and Machinndragad to our left. we cross a river with help of rope at around 12 noon.

Then we again crossed a small rivulet of the same river and we going to start lunch when it started raining heavily. Then we had dry snacks and started towards Gorakshanath mandir. After an effort of about 1.5 hours steep climb in damp and humid conditions we reached the temple sweating and buried in rain.

When you reach the Gorakshnath mandir ask very politely for the night’s stay. Keep your footwear outside the temple. There is facility of water and fire in the temple and place enough for about 25 people. Do not disturb the pujaris and
participate in the Aarti at night and in the morning. We slept around 9:30 pm after cooking diner. The next day we woke up a little late at 6:30 am. Then prepared tea and ate the yesterday’s remaining khicidi. We started towards Gorakhgad at 8:30 am. We
reached the base of Gorakhgad in just 10 minutes. There is a temple of hanuman at the base. Then we climbed the first patch witout rope till the darwaja. There are steps but they are slippery due to algae and are very steep. So after the darwaja we fixed one rope. Then another till we reached the caves. 

From there we can see Machinndragad.

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