Updates Mt. Island Expedition (1st Apr 2017)

About the peak –

Imja Tse, better known as Island Peak, is a 20,305 ft high mountain situated in the Himalayas of eastern Nepal. The peak was named Island Peak in 1951 by Eric Shipton’s party since it appears as an island in a sea of ice when viewed from Dingboche. Imja Tse summit was first climbed in 1956 by a Swiss team as a training exercise in preparation for Mount Everest and Lhotse. Imja Tse is one of the most popular trekking peaks given its difficulty (alpine PD+) and accessibility especially when supported by a Nepalese climbing guide. Read More

Base camp to high camp is basically a hike but just above high camp, some rocky steps require moderate scrambling and up through a broad open gully. At the top of the gully, glacier travel begins and proceeds up to a steep snow and ice slope. From here, fixed ropes may be set up by required for the strenuous ascent of nearly 100 metres (330 ft) to the summit ridge. The climb to the summit is somewhat difficult due to steep climbing. From the Top, gigantic wall of Lhotse, towering 2,300 m (7,500 ft) above the summit can be seen.

Team Members: Sachin Gadgil, Sameer Divekar & Shailesh Kulkarni

23rd Apr 2017:

Well deserved dinner party to rejuvenate the golden memories!

22nd Apr 2017:

Finally with a grandiose greetings, both Island team have safely reached KTM and will be staying in Holy Himalaya Hotel.

21st Apr 2017:

Today the team is expected to fly back to KTM.

20th Apr 2017:

The trio has reached Phakding by 12:30 PM and will be heading to Lukla today.

19th Apr 2017: Read More


We did not receive any updates from the team today but as per the plan they are expected to reach Pheriche. Tomorrow they will reach Namche Bazaar.

18th Apr 2017: Read More

Today all the team members have made their way to Everest Base Camp. They met Mama & Vishal. It was a great moment for all Pune mountaineers, Giripremians to have a reunion, share their stories and wish good lucks and compliments..

17th Apr 2017:

High on Island summit, the team has reached EBC. They will meet Umesh mama & Vishal and share the pleasantries with them before beginning the return journey.. But more than anything else, the euphoria of summit will continue to linger in their minds..Here’s the heartfelt words from the summitters:

At last got network….
On 14th april night we planned our summit attempt. We arrived at advance base camp on 13th april at around 1 pm….the altitude was 5300 mtrs. We had planned to start the summit attempt walk at 3 am on 14th april….but it started snowing at 3 pm on 13th and gradually the snowfall increased and we witnessed heavy snowfall for 3 hours. We were worried and the 14th attempt seemed dicy as there was few inches of fresh snow everywhere. Fortunately the snow fall stoped at 6 30 pm and we decided to continue with our plan. Read More

We took rest in our tent till 1 am and started preparing for the attempt. The biggest challenge was coping with sub zero temperature, high altitude and the new snow shoes.
We started at sharp 3 am on 14th and were at crampon point at the dawn. We changed our gear ( crampons, helmets, gaters, harness and ice climbing equipment) from rock climbing to ice/ snow climbing. We were exhausted but the view was breathtaking.  There were amazing formations of ice and crevaces which were making it spectacular and challenging.
On the way to the base of ice wall we crossed 3 or 4 crevaces and a ladder of around 10 ft. This was a mind boggling experience which requires courage and grit to cross.

We reached at the base of the 200 mtr ice wall which was the biggest and toughest challenge for the summit. It demanded 200 mtrs of zoomering which required tremendous mental strength, physical capacity to pull oneself up ( especially after 6 hrs of strenuous climb and in sub zero temperatures) and some technique of using zoomer, changing ropes and anchoring for safety.
After labouring for more than 1 hr on the wall, we finally reached the final ridge before the summit.
At 10 am on 14th April all three of us made to the summit of Mt Island peak (6189 mtrs)
The major credit for this success goes to Ngwang Thule (our climbing guide), management team of Peak Promotion Agency and last but most important the team Giripremi  who helped us in all possible way.
This success is only possible with all your blessings, wishes and support during the entire process.

Sachin Gadgil,  Shailesh Kulkarni & Sameer Divekar

14th Apr 2017: Read More

Good News from Chukhung..
Team Mt. Island expedition brings the great success… Today on 14th April, all 3 members unfurled Indian tricolor and Saffron of Maharashtra on the top of Mt. Island.. This morning Sachin Gadgil, Shailesh Kulkarni and Sameer Divekar with Ngawang Thule sherpa reached the summit of mountain at 9.30am… All are safely back to Chukhung..

11th Apr 2017:Read More

No contact yesterday. It is really difficult to make a contact from Dingboche onward.

Perhaps, since they have not taken any extra efforts to make contacts, we believe they have preferred to enjoy the lavish hospitality of the locals and magnificent views of Mt. Ama Dublam from their windows instead of hiking here and there searching for better networks 😛

Today, as per the itinerary, they are scheduled to do an acclimatization walk to Nagarjun Hill.

10th Apr 2017: Read More

Today, the team must have reached Dingboche. One of the longest and a strenuous trek. Cold winds and barren terrains begin from here. The connectivity is compromised. But despite that, based on team’s spirit and the fitness level, this hike surely is an easy trek for the trio.

Next day, they will stay at Dingboche and go for an acclimatization hike to Nagarjun Hill. There is a chance for getting some connectivity. We will keep you posted, once we get updates from the team.

9th Apr 2017: Read More

The team has reached Tengboche, all are in good shape, It is very cold and windy there. Team  will move to Dingboche tomorrow..

At Tengboche
At Tengboche

7th Apr 2017: Read More

As expected, the team had an excellent weather and they did get the awesome views of Everest, Lhotse and majestic Ama Dablam. Three of them hiked all the way till the Everest View hotel for acclimatization and were back to the hotel at Namche by mid afternoon. Its good to see all of them fit and high on Dhal-Bhat Power. 

Hope the mantra- ‘Dal-bhat power, 24 hour‘ shall help them in staying fit throughout the expedition.

Today the team went up to Khumzum for an acclimatization walk. They will gain an altitude of 3800 m till Everest View Hotel. If the weather permits, they will have a clear view of Everest, Lhotse and even Ama Dablam!

6th April 2017 Read More

Today the team completed one of the longest and steep trek to Namche Bazaar. The weather during the trek was so clear that the team had a spectacular view of Everest – Lhotse as they crossed the hanging bridges. The team is in excellent health conditions and will be visiting the local museum and devour on food cuisines.

5th April 2017  Read More

Today the team left from Lukla to Monjo. Monjo is an intermediate station between Phakding & Namche Bazaar. They had an amazing weather today as they crossed two hanging bridges on the doodh kosi river.

4th April 2017 Read More

And finally the flight landed. In Lukla! 🙂

The team had a lunch at Khumbu lodge at Lukla but unfortunately, their Sharpa guides could not fly from KTM due to bad weather. So tonight the team will stay at Lukla and tomorrow move to Phakding.

The uncertainty of the weather and the unpredictable nature of flights to Lukla are part of the overall journey and expedition. We encountered this on the very first day and it really made us reaffirm the supremacy of the Nature and subsequent discussions with Mama taught us to be humble and accept the nature’s verdict and still continue the journey…….what a learning on the very first day of the expedition” – Sachin

3rd April 2017 Read More

Today the team will be spending time at KTM. It’s a great opportunity for them to meet and chat with Giripremi’s senior mountaineers Mama & Vishal who have arrived in KTM for their Everest Expedition.

Island team with Mama & Vishal
Island team with Mama & Vishal

3:30 PM: Unfortunately, the team had to come back to KTM hotel since the weather at Lukla turned bad and most of the flights got cancelled. Hope tomorrow the sun shall be bright and so would the team’s luck!

10:30 AM: After a rest day at KTM, the team is now ready to fly to Lukla. In the morning at 10:30, they are waiting at the Airport. Hope the weather is benign and they make their way without any hassle.

1st April 2017 Read More

Mt. Island team reached in Kathmandu. They were received by peak promotion team at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.

At Hotel Holy Himalay
At Hotel Holy Himalay
At TOI Airport, Kathmandu
At TOI Airport, Kathmandu
At TOI Airport, Kathmandu
At TOI Airport, Kathmandu
At Hotel Holy Himalay
At Hotel Holy Himalay


24th Mar 2017 Read More

Mt. Island team is in its final preparations. Today they received best wishes from Giripremi club. The team of three members, Sachin Gadgil, Shailesh Kulkarni & Sameer Divekar will depart to KTM on 1st Apr 2017.

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