Updates Mt. Mera Expedition (17th Apr 2017)

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Mt. Mera Expedition 2016

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The team:



2nd May 2017:

The team has safely reached KTM. Thus, the expedition has ended and all the participants will fly back to India soon.

We hope that they enjoyed every bit of the expedition. Some of them made it to the summit while some unfortunately could not. But the quote, “Be humble in victory & gracious in defeat” shall linger in their minds forever and inspire them to take on new challenges in future.

1st May 2017:

The team departed from Base camp to Khare- Tangnak and then to Kote. Some of the members flew back to Lukla via chopper on Saturday (Prashant, Samruddhi, Krishma, Milind & Dr. Arun) while others hiked down to Lukla.

Yesterday was a sad day for the mountaineering fraternity as the legendary mountaineer & rock climber Ueli Steck passed away in an accident on Nupse mountain, while acclimatizing for his extra ordinary Mt. Everest- Lhotse Expedition. Some of the members went to Lukla hospital to pay their homage, where his body was brought from EBC.

27th Apr 2017:

The panorama
Panoramic view from the summit

Great News yet again!!

Mera team makes it to the summit!

The team started walking for the summit push at night from an altitude of 5800 m. By 8:30 AM, along with Dr. Sumit Mhandale, Krishma Paudyal & Diki Sherpa & Pemba Sherpa; 4 GGIM participants, Ritu Chawla, Dr. Arun nayak, Dr. Suneeta Sathi & Hemang Tanna made it to the summit.

Unfortunately, 4 members, Prashant & Samruddhi Bhutkar, Sumedh & Milind Halbe could not make it to the summit due to health issues. But all are doing well and are resting in Khare now.

Although Mt. Mera is a trekking peak, the crevasses (open & hidden both) and long stretches makes the task a real challenge. Kudos to the summitters and best wishes for their future climbs!

26th Apr 2017:

Today the team has moved to highcamp. And tonight after taking appropriate rest, they will go for a summit push. Lets hope and wish the team all the very best for the ascent!

25th Apr 2017:

The team did some acclimatization by gaining 200 m and then working on technical aspects of mountaineering such as rappelling, jumaring. They had an excellent weather.. the photos will tell it more!

24th Apr 2017: Read More

5:00 PM:

The group, all fit and in cheerful moods reached Khare in 4.5 hrs. They saw Tama Pokhari lake on the way.. As per the group’s info, 14 years back, it was formed from a landslide from the surrounding mountain.

The weather at Mera trails though seem to be cloudy & snowy; the atmosphere at Khare camp is perhaps electrifying. I dont know if its the closeness to the Mt. Mera thats driving them crazy or the closeness to the internet! :P.. Our whatsApp is getting loaded with power pack boosters from the wilderness! Here are some of the glimpses that you might have missed during the earlier days:

11:00 AM

Today the team left for Khare.. its going to be a strenuous way up as they will be gaining around 700 m altitude. The weather is a bit cloudy en route. It’s possible that they will face some drizzles or mild rains during the hike.


23rd Apr 2017: Read More

Finally we got some visual updates from team mera! Here are them. All the members seem to be smiling and excited for the goal.

Some campsite lukhagiri of Mera Team!!  So damn surprised to find ‘Nepal me bhi fogg chal raha hai!! 😀


22nd Apr 2017: Read More

Today the group has reached at Tangnak (4200 m). The group will stay here for another one day. As they hiked to Tangnak, they saw a few glimpses of Mera.

The glacier is coming closer as the team can see the morrain around. The views are excellent and some of the camps were equally excellent. especially, the participant enjoyed the Kothay campsite.

Yesterday they moved from Kharkitang at 4100 m. and passed Khetra La at 4400 m, Thurki kharka at 4100 m and reached Kothay. The group has been witnessing monsoon like weather and the connectivity has been bad throughout the trek…Yet all members are in good condition. Samruddhi was a bit sick due to altitude  but she is being well looked after by her fellow mates and Dr. Sumit himself. Most of their trek was through a thick forest of Devdar trees.

Today they have descended some altitude for better acclimatization.


21st Apr 2017: Read More

Team hiked to Kothay today. Unfortunately the connectivity en route is poor due to which visual updates are not possible.

19th Apr 2017: Read More

All the team members have safely reached their next destination ‘Kharka Teng’.

18th Apr 2017: Read More

All the members have flown to Lukla at 11:00 AM. Their trek will begin immediately to Chutenga in short time.

17th Apr 2017: Read More

Today the team has left Pune for Kathmandu. They will be reaching hotel Holy Himalaya and do the final clothing, boots & equipment preparations.

26th Mar 2017: Read More

Team Mera receives a grandiose felicitation during the flag off ceremony for the Expedition. The team just returned from a practice trek (Katraj to SInhagad) early morning on Sunday. After the trek, during a small meeting at Giripremi office, team did a final preparatory check and discussed on topics related to equipment packing, trek planning etc.

Guidance and best wishes from senior mountaineers of Giripremi, Palande Sir, Usha tai & Umesh sir along with Everesters Bhushan, Prasad & Ganesh; boosted the teams confidence!

today’s function at office was in true sense motivating, encouraging. I have never seen such thing earlier. Hearing all seniors from bottom of there heart was really a treat to all of us. – Kaustubh Palekar, participant’s father 


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6 thoughts on “Updates Mt. Mera Expedition (17th Apr 2017)

  • 28th April 2017 at 5:00 am

    Congratulations to team Mera for the successful summit and thanks to GGIM for the regular updates.
    Sharat Kolke

  • 27th April 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Congratulations to the team. Excellent pics. Wishing you all good luck .

  • 25th April 2017 at 11:21 am

    Dear Climbers
    All the best. It is a treat to read your daily journal of Trek.
    May God guide your each step carefully and bestow his grace on your painstaking journey.
    Stay motivated,stay blessed
    With deep prayers
    Sangeeta. Sister of Ritu Chawla

  • 25th April 2017 at 8:37 am

    Amazing Pictures…. What a view…. Great going guys….

  • 24th April 2017 at 10:00 am

    Hello, thanks for all the updates…. So nice to know their day to day achievements. Nice photographs. Was so happy to see my sister -Ritu Chawla happy, smiling and in good health…. Great team…..

  • 20th April 2017 at 3:49 am


    This is a great news…. We wish the whole team a very all the best…. I am Ritu Chawala’s sister…. Thank you for keeping us updated about their well being…



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