Winter Adventure Trek & Camps!

Winter Adventure Trek & Camps!

Oct 2017 was the feast for all our little adventurers! 

GGIM`s ANU programme was in full swing. To begin with Udaan`s most mature and experienced group hiked from Ahupe to Gorakhgad. 15 members were very much on their own in terms of leading a route, cooking, fixing ropes whereever needed etc. With brilliant team work they successfully completed the trek.

After Diwali, Avhaan Adventure Camp was conducted at Fort Sinhagad. 70+ kids had a blast during this 4 days residential camp. They did various rock climbing, camping, rope adventures, cooking like events, explored fort sinhagad and and nights, did sky gazing.

Avhaan Adv., Nirmaan and Nirmaan Adv. groups had a two days trek to Anjaneri-Harihar, Tailbaila-Sudhagad & Salher-Mulher respectively. Each trek left kids with  awesome stories, and wonderful memories..  

We have made a short glimpses of all the Oct special programmes. Do check them out here: 

GGIM conducted camps for Vidya Valley School. 

Std. 5th, a group of 120 odd kids went to Nilshi near Lonavla for a 2 days camp while Std 6th, with a group of 112, had their outing at Surya Shibir near Panshet.

Class 10th, was given a respite from their tight study hours, and were taken to a beautiful Kanhe Phata Camp.

All the kids enjoyed the activities thoroughly as you can see them in the videos shared along side: 

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