Tour De Sahyadri

Tour de Sahyadri - Exploration of India with new perspective

It is a customized and special programme designed to give incredible glimpses of Western Ghats - Sahyadri.

Sahyadri Mountain Ranges or the Western Ghats are one of the natural wonders of India and the area is one of the world’s ten Hottest biodiversity hotspots with home to flowering plants, mammal, amphibian, reptiles, insects and bird species. The ghat offers a stunning Landscape and Natural Scenic Places.

The range is also famously known for various forts that reveals immense history of various kingdoms and dynasties.

In this Tour De Sahyadri programme, we also add some elements of Adventure programme as you explore through the remote sections of Hills and valleys.

For every outdoor enthusiasts, it is a must do Exploration - Adventure - Leisure programme.

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