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We are ecstatic to tell that the first ever batch of ‘Diploma in Mountaineering and Allied Sports’
has successfully completed the high altitude training in Himalayas at
‘Nehru Institute of Mountaineering’ (NIM).

Students learnt the skills of rock craft, snow craft, ice craft, river crossing, anchoring, belaying and rescue techniques under the guidance of highly experienced NIM instructors along with GGIM Instructors.
NIM Instructors: Shri. Dashrath Singh Rawat, Shri. Vinod Gussain, Shri. Naib Subedar Girish Negi,
Shri. Bihari Singh Rana
GGIM’s abled and accomplished Instructors : Shri. Bhushan Harshe, Shri. Krishna Dhokle,
Shri. Vivek Shivade and Mrs. Padmaja Dhanavi.

At the end of the course, Students received the Prestigious Badge of BMC graduation at the hands of Prof. Dr. Harshawanti Bisht (President, Indian Mountaineering Foundation).

Col. Amit Bisht (Principal, Nehru Institute of Mountaineering), Shri. Umesh Zirpe (Founder-Director, GGIM) and Shri. Ushaprabha Page (Founder, Giripremi) were present during the ceremony.

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