Safety Policy


GGIM strives to impart adventure education but is always keen on maintaining its paramount focus on principle of “Safety First”. Risk is associated when we step into the world of adventure. However, learning to tackle the risks and emerge out safely is what a need of today. Adventure Education is not risky. Rather it is a well planned and systematic curriculum wherein one learns life skills, it boosts the confidence of an individual and outdoor excursions enhances the immunity system. Both are essential for leading a healthy and meaningful life in today’s world.

Hence, to ensure seamless education, GGIM invests significantly in the best safety measures as per international standards set by UIAA.

  1. Instructors are highly qualified and well trained mountaineers with vast experience.
  2. Equipment as per UIAA / CE standards
  3. Highly trained first aid repsonders and Medical officers during courses and expeditions
  4. Adequate Student – Instructor ratio