About GGIM

Pune’s pioneering Giripremi mountaineering club, with the support of Guardian Corp. launched Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering on 24th Jan 2015.

Inception of GGIM

Giripremi in 2012 planned a biggest civilian expedition to Mt. Everest. Sole motive behind this expedition was to promote the sport of mountaineering and make the society aware of the necessity of adventure in our lives. After the success of expedition, we realized that so many people wanted to do adventure in their life. Many parents wanted their children to go for treks. Some schools too were willing to plan outdoor trips for their students. 

However, there wasn’t a system which would take this responsibility at the same time ensure safety and reliability. For over 30 years people of Maharashtra had trusted Giripremi and its intents. We had the skills, experience, and passionate mountaineers who wanted to dedicate their lives for this cause. People’s faith in Giripremi and the dedication shown by my team, gave birth to GGIM.

Adventure Education : A necessity 

We bring up children in a protected way and when they grow up, we suddenly expect them to take bigger leaps, bold decisions. How is that possible? For a person to deal with challenges of real life, he/she must be first taught to face them. In that training, they will develop a thinking process to battle out the tough times. In a subtle way it transforms
individuals into aware, responsible, and confident citizens. 

Qualities of leadership are better taught through experience. GGIM adventure learning provide students these opportunities to tackle uncertainties, enjoy discomfort. Thus making them stronger, bolder, and thoughtful citizens empowered with numerous life skills.

How adventure education takes place?

Giripremi mountaineering club is at the core of GGIM’s growth and sustainability. At GGIM, all are passionate mountaineers who are driven by urge to teach lessons of outdoor adventure. We have designed a comprehensive Outdoor Adventure Educational Curriculum, based on the values, experiences, and wisdom we have experienced through mountaineering. These we have systematically conceptualized into a detailed adventure curriculum. The lessons, practical demonstrations and the training occurs in the wilderness of Sahyadri and Himalaya treks. Through this curriculum we envision for every individual to transform into a confident, able, and responsible leader of tomorrow.

We believe that no life can be successful without a sound health. In GGIM, all outdoor activities have primary focus on improving physical fitness, mental & emotional homeostasis. In today’s fast forward life, coping up with ‘Stress’ is the biggest challenge for mankind. It further leads to many physiological disorders including high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc. It is scientifically proven that no medicine or cure is as effective to curb stress & its complications as much as routine outdoor activities. Simplest of all is trekking; one of the best exercises. Additionally, it is an exercise which has no bar, no special equipment. Abundant Sahyadri ranges, Himalaya mountains are our playground enriched with fresh air. Benefits are just plenty. One may train excessively in gym studios,
trade mills or some fitness studios; but the impact of being in outdoors is just unmatched.  


At GGIM, our focus in on providing adventure training & experience in a systematic and scientific way. We do not compromise on our safety standards. Our team comprised of highly qualified, trained instructors, in-depth knowledge and rich experience of outdoors, bring vividness to the learning process. 

The curriculum is set in such unique wilderness and for a reasonable amount of time, that there occurs a deeper level of thinking. Be it a 10-year-old school kid or a corporate personnel in 50s, when you are exposed to some new skill or gain knowledge, which you can’t gain through class notes, the richness of such experiences awaken the ever hungry learner within. It leads to a positive transformation in terms of overall health of an individual. 

GGIM Launch
GGIM Launch Ceremony
GGIM Founder - DIrector, receives Maharashtra's highest adventure Sport - 'Shivchhatrapati Award'
Biggest successful Civilian Expedition from India by Giripremi. 11 Everest summitters part of GGIM
GGIM at Rescue
GGIM performing rescue & relief work in Nepal Earthquake
Bachendri Pal at GGIM
Team GGIM with Bachendri Pal (First Indian Woman to summit Mt. Everest)