Message for Parents -

GGIM's view about upcoming activity.

In the backdrop of pandemic situation, the perspective of almost every aspect of life has changed.. same applies to outdoor activities like trekking and hiking. GGIM's ANU is one of the most unique and innovative activities conducted in Pune and Mumbai. The reason of ANU's success is nothing but the ardent support by all the parents. We as institute also look at this activity very differently.. We believe that through ANU we positively inculcate the Adventure culture in kids and youth.

Due to the Covid19 restriction we had to change the approach of ANU for past few months and we are really thankful to all of you who encouraged us by getting involved in the same with same energy and enthusiasm. In spite of "New Normal" approach, our foundational belief that 'The Adventurous mind helps person to walk tall in every situation of life' have always been strong. So, now when things are slowly coming back on the track, we are also hitting the trails with all the necessary precautions yet with full enthusiasm..

Hope you all are excited to send your ward for this trek. We are also equally thrilled ūüėä

You have always been supportive to all the initiatives of GGIM and we are sure you will continue your support the same way.
A generous request to all : Kindly adhere to all the Covid 19 guidelines and cooperate with GGIM so that we can administer the activity properly and safely.
Looking forward to see you all on the Sunday.

You will get the trek related details shortly.

Bhushan Harshe

Head Operations, GGIM

Introduction - Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan

Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan is a yearlong adventure education curriculum for school kids. Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering (GGIM) has launched a comprehensive, five staged outdoor adventure education programme Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan (ANU). It is for school children of age group 10-16 years to promote adventure education among youth. ANU programme works in 5 different levels. Each participant first enrolls in level 1: Avhaan, and based on yearly performance, participation, qualifies for next level in the next year.
Avhaan (level 1) 

Avhaan Advance (level 2) 

Nirmaan (level 3)

Nirmaan Advance  (level 4) 

Udaan (Level 5)

The curriculum for this programme spans over 10 months, which has outdoor activities for every 8 months, 3-4 days camping session in Diwali vacation and a 10-12 days Himalaya Trek in summer vacation. At the end of the programme, GGIM will certify all participants for successful completion of the programme. Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan runs under the guidance of Giripremi's qualified and experienced mountaineers and instructors.

Due to immense response from the enthusiastic kids and their parents, GGIM launched ANU in Mumbai-Thane in June 2018. ANU now runs successfully in Thane- Mumbai too.

Enrollment Procedure for Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan:

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, this year (2020) the registration process will be different that the earlier years. The new ways and new methods, shall be discussed and explained in the launch meeting. Previously registered students can simply pay the yearly registration fees for the next level admission.

Step 1: Fill up Online enrollment form. (The form should be filled only once. If you have filled it already you need not to refill.)

Step 2: Download, print and fill up Medical form from a medical practitioner.

Step 3: Indemnity bond. Print first page of the form on 500 Rs. stamp paper, fill the form and get it notarized by a legal practitioner. (Please note that the indemnity bond should be submitted only once till the child becomes adult.)

Step 4: Submit the documents and pay 600 Rs. (For Mumbai Avhaan the fees are Rs.700/-) as yearly registration fees. Payment is accepted by cash/cheque/ NEFT or Online payment. Please check the payment button to know the details of the same. This will complete your registration.

Once the registration is completed, participant can pay the fees according to the schedule of the programme. Kindly go through the schedule tab to know all the details of the treks.

Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan PAYMENT GUIDELINES:

From Feb 2019, we wish to implement certain guidelines for fees payment, cancellations and intimation.

This is only to ensure smooth communication between Team GGIM and parents so as to have a hassle-free interaction. This way, neither of the two shall be at a loss. We need to do this as no. of participants is increasing day by day. It is becoming really difficult to keep a track of all records, accounting, rearrangements of resources if we continue to adjust participation, fees adjustments till the last moment.

We sincerely hope that all parents will understand our concern and cooperate.

Following are the guidelines:

Parents should pay ANU one day/ overnight trek fees latest before 4 days from the trek start date (as mentioned in the whatApp message) to confirm the participation. Team GGIM will intimate over the whatsApp group about upcoming activities.  For Sinhagad Adventure Course, Diwali Multi Days Treks, and Himalaya Adventure Course, fees should be paid before the deadlines mentioned in the respective WhatsApp groups. ( This will help us to finalize the list and make travel arrangements, no. of instructors, food & accommodation (wherever needed) smoothly.)


  In case of any cancellation, kindly intimate us immediately by sending us an email on ggimpune@gmail.com. Please mentioning the reasons for cancellation. (Kindly dont send any cancellation over whatsapp group. You can also discuss with us over the phone but ensure email communication to confirm the cancellation).

For 1 day trek & overnight trek, please send us the written intimation  latest by 3 days before the trek date. If you intimate 3 days before the activity, we will carry forward the amount to the immediate next trek of that participant. The fees for the same, shall not be carried forward if you cancel the participation within the gap of 3 days from the trek start day. For Sinhagad Courses, & Diwali Multi Days trek: Please send us the written intimation  latest by 1 week before the course/ trek date.


If you miss the trek and intimate as mentioned above in section 2, 1 day or overnight trek we will carry forward fees to only immediate subsequent trek/programme. If you do not intimate as per section 2., we will not carry forward the fees. For Sinhagad Course/ Multi Days treks, if the cancellation is made before 7 days of the programme, we will carry forward the fees. If the cancellation is made within the 6 days of the programme, depending upon the then advance arrangements made, we will deduct the amount.


We will carry forward Sinhagad Course/ MultiDays Trek fees  provided we receive the intimation as mentioned above.

Himalaya Adventure Course Fees:

Initial Booking Amount is non refundable/ non transferable after 31st Dec of that Calendar year. If the cancellation is made:

  • before 15th Mar : Deduction : 25% of the remaining amount.
  • between 15th Mar - 25th Apr : Deduction : 50% of the remaining amount.¬†
  • after 25th Apr : no refund will be provided.
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