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GGIM's Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan (ANU)


At GGIM we believe it’s the Character and Attitude. It is about being confident, resilient, caring, free spirited yet responsible leader. It is about being empowered with foundation of life skills, and diverse knowledge. It is about not giving up.

How can we make an individual show solidarity in times of crisis? When can an individual show steel to face challenges of life with rational thinking and wholesome problem-solving approach? The answer is adventure education.

It is through adventures in outdoors, being connected with nature we, especially young children learn and grow. When we talk about outdoors, it isn’t restricted to just trees, rocks and mountains. We see them as the biggest classroom ever with greatest teacher ever – the nature.

GGIM’s Avhaan – Nirmaan – Udaan, a unique outdoor adventure educational curriculum offers young children to expand their capacities through physical toughening, exposure to adventurous activities, and life skills. Outdoor adventure at times may look scary, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue it. GGIM with its highly qualified instructors, provide special attention when it comes to safety. Having said this, it is the experience of handling that scary situation, develops qualities of instinctive judgement & decision making. This unique experiential education teaches how to make rational decisions and take ownership of the actions. To sum up, Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan is all about empowering our next generation, by providing them skills they need to excel in every walk of life, through experience based enjoyable educational system.

Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan is a system of gradual and progressive learning life skills under the adult leadership. It is divided in five levels. Avhaan, Avhaan Advance, Nirmaan, Nirmaan Advance, Udaan. Grading for ANU is based on students’ overall performance and attendance in all modules. The level of difficulty, learning hours, skillsets and course expectations gradually increase from Avhaan to Udaan.

Each month involves one outdoor activity/ trek that challenges students’ fitness levels. Each activity/ trek is accompanied by certain adventure syllabus. It could be knowledge sharing or learning new skills. The treks, camping, adventure activities will test students physically, mentally, as well as emotionally, but gradually, they will learn to overcome their fears, weakness and learn to ENJOY THE DISCOMFORT.

Every batch consists of roughly 50-60 students. They are divided in groups of 7-8 and one dedicated instructor mentors that group. (Along with the dedicated instructors, lady instructors, first aid responders with sound first aid skills and support member will be the part of the instructor team).
Considering the holidays and school examinations; yearly schedule is made available to all the enrolled students.

We don’t expect our ANU students to climb mountains or become Everesters. No! That isn’t what the vision is. We would be happy to see them pursuing mountaineering though and we shall always be there to guide them.

However, ANU is meant to give them an exposure of skills, knowledge, and experience which will empower them to take rational decisions of their lives even in the challenging times.    

  • Be empowered with Life skills.
  • Become an able, efficient and knowledgeable leader in outdoor trips and treks.
  • Learn to assess and manage risk, & be a responsible, sensitive and caring citizen toward nature and society.
  • Build a character and attitude to confidently face challenges of life with rational thinking. 
  • Achieve a thorough development through physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual transformation. 

ANU Concept

Adventure for Kids
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ANU Levels & Curriculum


Adventure Education

Not all classrooms have four walls. ANU program is an excellent example of it, learning with nature. Well thoughtout and most importantly, well executed under the guidance of experienced instructors (dadas and tais of GGIM). Thank you GGIM and keep it up.

Amol Palsodkar

ANU students parent

Elbrus Expedition

I enjoyed the expedition to the fullest and the facilities were out of the world. From safety and high success rate point of view, GGIM is at its best.

Jay Kolhatkar


Basic Rock Climbing Course

Excellent course for every rock climbing enthusiast. Extremely thoughtful content and equally wonderful execution.

Mahesh Pawar

Advocate, High Court Mumbai

Everest Base Camp Trek

I benefited a lot from GGIM’s guidance.If anyone plans to do EBC,I highly recommend doing it with GGIM. They are the best!!

Nikhil Apte

EBC trek participant

Avhaan Nirmaan Udaan

I`m one of your biggest fans and as a parent I think you are doing a fabulous job!

Ritu Chawla