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GGIM's Certificate course in High Altitude Mountaineering

In a ground-breaking initiative, the Guardian Giripremi Institute of Mountaineering (GGIM) recently pioneered its first-ever high altitude mountaineering course, marking a significant milestone in adventure education. Nestled amidst the rugged terrains, GGIM has long been synonymous with excellence in rock climbing courses in the Sahyadri range. However, this latest endeavour ventured into uncharted territories, offering participants a transformative experience unlike any other.

The course garnered immense success, attracting a diverse group of 15 participants ranging from 24 to 54 years old. Each participant brought a unique blend of enthusiasm and determination, eager to conquer the challenges of high altitude mountaineering under the guidance of seasoned experts.

What set this program apart was its distinguished team of instructors including the summiteers of Mt. Everest and Mt. Kangchenjunga. Their wealth of experience and first hand knowledge added an unparalleled value to the course.

Throughout the duration of the course, participants were immersed in a comprehensive curriculum that encompassed essential skills for navigating high altitude environments. From advanced rope techniques to acclimatization strategies, every aspect was meticulously designed to ensure safety and proficiency in the face of extreme conditions. The techniques included various skills of ascending and descending , anchoring , belaying on snow and ice terrains. First aid, Gamow bag usage, mountain terminologies and weather forecasting topics made the course more exciting.


Additionally, the team attempted Mt. Friendship, a challenging 5289mt. peak. Despite great efforts, due to extremely bad weather, the summit push was called off. But the team decided to respect the mountains and return home safely.
GGIM is glad to have provided a fantastic training and the trainees too have learned immensely valuable skills to become better mountaineers tomorrow.
We wish them hearty congrats for their successful course completion and bright prospects in mountain climbing.

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