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GGIM Sport Climbing Gym

GGIM has constructed a state of the art sport climbing - Bouldering Gym at Shri. Mahaveer Jain Vidyalaya, Agharkar Road, next to BMCC Pune.

Sport Climbing is an official event in Olympics. SMJV Bouldering & Climbing Wall Facility is open for all who wish to learn this emerging sport and develop the skills to become a sound sport climber. Additionally, this indoor facility is a great place to hone the skills of Rock climbing.

 Overview of Sport Climbing 


Artificial Rock Climbing wall is an artificially constructed wall with grips/holds for hands and feet, used for climbing. The concept of the artificial climbing wall began in the UK. The first wall was created in 1964 at Leeds University by Don Robinson, a lecturer in Physical Education and founder of DR Climbing Walls, by inserting pieces of rock into a corridor wall. The first commercial wall was built in Sheffield.

The purpose

Artificial walls were being used for climbing as a quick practice environment for rock climbing, when actual rock was unavailable. Over the years, it has developed into a professional independent sport. Climbing on artificial walls provides a stable and controllable atmosphere and can suit all levels of climbers. Also it is becoming an increasingly popular urban sport that provides many people an opportunity to train for rock climbing activities.

The Climbing Route

In attempting a given climbing route, the climber is only allowed to use grips/holds of the designated color as handholds and footholds and surface structures/textures of the "rock-face" as footholds. The person who has the capability to design a route for climbers is called as route-setter.

Grade of Climbing

The grade (difficulty) of the route is usually a consensus decision between the route setter and the first few people who climb the whole route. There are several standards accepted globally to mark the grade of any climbing route.

Score for Youth in India 

There are 5 zones declared by IMF which participate in national competition. From each zone around 30 climbers (girls, boys, men and women) are selected and recommended for national competition. And after observing a performance of a climber at zonal and national level 3-5 climbers from each category (girls, boys, women and men) in each event (lead climbing, speed climbing and bouldering) are selected for international level. IMF conducts a training cap of all such climbers and recommends capable climbers on Asian and international levels to represent India.

Benefits of Climbing  

  • Improvement in flexibility & Provides high core strength workout
  • Builds muscular endurance
  • Climbing is considered as a dynamic meditation, as focused & swift movements involved in climbing, require calmness and concentration of mind.
  • It is a community sport and helps sensitize caring attitude among the climbing team.

Do you want to build your own climbing wall at your home??

GGIM is specialized in constructing, fabricating and installation of climbing walls. Both indoor as well as outdoors. Please take a look at this video for indoor climbing wall facility at home.

If you wish to build an outdoor climbing wall in your school / corporate hub / sport complex premises, please take a look at this brochure here.

For more details, you can contact us at 9822323147 / 9769302934  || ggimpune@gmail.com


Bouldering Workshop Schedule:

27th Mar 2021

Sat, Morning 6:30 - 10:00 

17th Apr 2021

Sat, Morning 6:30 - 10:00


Training guidance

training premises

safety gear and first aid

Personal shoes & other equipment


Registration Process –

Step 1>> Fill up Online Enrollment Form

Fill up the online enrollment form (If you have not already filled one) HERE

Step 2>> Medical Form

Print and submit the Medical declaration Form Download

Step 3>>Indemnity Bond

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Step 4>> Payment of Fees

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